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Dr.Thippesha D.
University Librarian
Phone:  +91 8182 267057

Message from University Librarian

Our library is an academic library that provides resources and research support for students and faculty members of the University. The main library is placed at Navile campus, UAHS, Shivamogga which is about five kilometres from Shivamogga town. Presently, it has about 23,218 books, 509 e-books, 66 periodicals, 268 bond journals, 91 educational compact disks, 260 M.Sc. (Agri.)/Phd thesis and internet facilities made accessible for students and faculty members of the University. Similarly, its branches located at College of Horticulture, Mudigere of Chikkamangalore district, College of Horticulture, Hiriyur of Chitradurga district, College of Forestry, Ponnampet of Coorg district and Diploma College, AHRS, Kathalgere of Davanagere district, have good number of collections to provide a “gate way” for students and researchers to access various resources, both print/physical and digital forms. Further, the library offers a course on Library and Information services, PGS 501 (0+1) for graduate students of the University which helps them to understand use the library in a proper manner. With improved library services, facilities and resources and also its further expansion, I hope the library, UAHS, Shivamogga is going to shape the future of learning and research activities’.

Facilities and services available in the library.

Conventional Services

  • Book lending
  • Text Book Bank
  • Reference Services
  • Reprographic Services.
  • User Education

ICT Based Services available in the library

  • Internet facilities
  • CD ROM Data Bases (Biotechnology, Soil Science and Crop Science)
  • Data bases of periodicals

e- Resources

  • e – books,
  • e journals on Advance in Agronomy (127 Volumes)

Book Bank for SC/ST Students details
Book Bank for SC/ST students is also available for exclusive usage of SC/ST students, who are member of library. This book bank is funded by the Director of Social Welfare of Government of Karnataka.

01Total Collection2807
02Number of Present Members100

Members of the Library 2017-18

01BSc (Agri) Students410
02M.Sc (Agri) Students104
03P.hD Students49

Library Resources 2017 – 2018

Sl.NoParticular2017 – 2018
05Bound Journals268
06CD ROMs91
08Xerox1 Rs/copy

Accession added during the year 2017-18 University Library.

Sl.NoParticular2017 – 2018
02Gift books191
03Book Bank00
06Bound volumes of Periodicals00
07International Journals07
08National Journals47
09Journals received as Gift12
11Total Visitors28077
12Book Issued3125

Other Facilities are available in the Library

The Library provides facilities such as information retrieval through CD ROM, Xeroxing of scientific articles and bibliographical compilations

Activities of the library over the years

University Library has adopted open access system with OPAC and Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. University library is kept open from 8:45 AM to 8:30 PM on Monday to Friday, 8: 45 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturday and from 8:45 AM to 12:00 noon on Sunday

HRD Activity of the library

  • Library staffs are participating and imparting orientation about Library in orientation program organized by College of Agriculture, Shivamogga every Year for newly admitted undergraduate students.
  • University Library Staff is also offering a compulsory non load course entitled Library and Information Services, PGS 501 (0+1) for M.Sc.(Agri) students , College of Agriculture, Shivamogga
  • Library organizes annual 2 book exhibition for benefits of students & staff and also recommend books to the Library.

Present status of library

The University has created facilities for learning well enthuse the students to learn and excel. Every campus libraries are equipped with latest Books and Journals however the main library at UAHS, Shivamogga, subscribed latest print Journals, e-Books, e-Journals and CD-ROM facilities and may be treated as good library in the field of Agriculture and Horticulture. There is a Library Committee, which decides on the purchase of Books and Journals based on the recommendation of faculty members and students. This would help in optimum utilization of the scares resources.

Vision for Next decades

  • Strengthening of University Library and other libraries of UAHS, Shivamogga in term of books and periodicals.
  • Full Digitalization of University Libraries.
  • Digitalization of old and rare books heritage collection and creating Institutional Repositories of Constituent colleges as well as University, (establishment of e-granth).
  • Establishment of video library cum virtual knowledge center.
  • RFID and KOHA OPAC software in other libraries of UAHS, Shivamogga.
  • Strengthening of libraries in terms of human resources

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