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M.Sc.(Agri), Ph.D, PGDAEM
Professor (Agronomy) & Coordinator, International Affairs

Keladi Shivappa Nayaka University of Agricultural & Horticultural Sciences,

Phone:+91 9980584027



KSN UAHS New initiative towards international exposure

     Keladi Shivappa Nayaka University of Agricultural & Horticultural Sciences, Shivamogga has initiated a new venture for making the international exposure to the students and faculties by opening a separate wing called international affairs. This wing is headed by the Coordinator, International affairs with the following objectives.


    1.   To enter into memorandum of understanding between KSN UAHS Shivamogga with premier universities and research institutes of international repute.

      2.   To depute students as well as faculties to undergo international exposure and training in the foreign universities and institutes in the new emerging and frontier areas or research and develop cutting edge technologies.

      3.   To develop multi-institutional and multi country research and training proposals to meet the needs of Millenium Development Goals as well as new frontier areas of mutual interest.

Presently KSN UAHS Shivamogga has entered into an MOU with the following universities.

      1.   Kansas State University, Kansas, USA

       2.   University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA

       3.   University of Göttingen, Germany


So far more than 50 students and 15 faculties have utilised this facility through world bank funded NAHEP-IDP of Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Currently 15 students have enrolled to undergo international training during 2024-25. 

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